Enter the Invisible Pink Unicorn

Come on, she's pink, isn't she? Her horn just didn't grow yet. There's noting that suggests she ISN'T a unicorn.
Come on, she’s pink, isn’t she? Her horn just didn’t grow yet. There’s noting that suggests she ISN’T a unicorn.

Meanwhile, deep in the faraway, nonexistent land of Equestria, Pinky Pie lived with all her pony friends. Then, she discovered that all her pony friends lied to her and found out that friendship is not, in fact magic as the title of her show deceptively suggests. They all told her she was of the pony species when she was really a Unicorn, thus by birthright born to the Great High Lady Queen Celestia. But Celestia did not like her because she was too pink, so Pinky Pie took revenge.

For a full story of her vengeance, see The Pony Story

Pinky Pie and Twilight Sparkle were the only survivors of Orochimaru’s purge. Pinky Pie proceeded to raise an army of Pink Marshmallow Bunny Rabbits and released anger buried deep within them. She did a coup against Celestia, stole her horn and stuck it on her own head with Twilight Sparkle’s magic. A massive side effect took place and Pinky Pie was turned invisible. Luckily, she trained herself to control this invisibility power and Pinky Pie destroyed the fourth wall and invaded the land with Angry Pink Marshmallow Bunnies topped with taffy tongues, Wonka candy toppings, (think Nerds and Gobstoppers) and glittered with skittles. Thus the Invisible Pink Unicorn was born.

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony, Twilight Sparke, Pinky Pie, Celestia, Equestria, Orochimaru, Tails or… well, anything really. I wouldn’t even be surprised if someone came up with the marshmallow bunny plot already.


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