Story III The Crazy Epilogue

So anyways, after the big bad guy whose name we should all know thanks mainly to a very powerful and very awesome Japanese man, one pony called Twilight Sparkle survived the purge of ponies worldwide and went to the hospital to undergo surgery and rehabilitation and perhaps psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and any other psychos they could think of.

There, she met (prepare for a crossover) Tail Powers who got into a bloody fight with Knuckles who was defended by Sonic before the latter’s overpbsessed girlfriend Amy got involved and whacked him with a frying pan.

Why they fought you may ask?

Because it’s overdue. Get used to it.

The events that took place afterwards

Yeah, that should suffice.

The end.

*Note, I have a mortal fear of lawyers. I also have a fear of trees, flowers, ants, air, and earth but lawyers mainly. Therefore, for the sake of a disclaimer, I do not own Twilight Sparkle, Tails, Orochimru, Naruto, Konohamaru, or their respective stories. In fact, I really don’t even own the video or the images I provided. In short, I’m an insanely unoriginal man.

*Further note, there is no further note, I just wanted to write something because I’m bored.


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